Black Land Studio is an independent game studio based in Mons, Belgium. We are currently creating our very first commercial game : Shipbreakers.


Once upon a time in a Black Land...

The company was founded by Arnaud, Guillaume and Arnaud (yes, two Arnaud in the team. Stay focus) in January 2017. Brought together by their passion for strong coffee (black, no sugar) and presumptuously convinced that they have something to add to the gaming world, they decided to create amazing games. Focusing on neat mechanisms, easy to grasp concepts and strong visual identity, the studio creates fun games on PC and consoles.

The Jams

In the early days of their collaboration, the team took part in several game jams and hackathons to test their skills and find their mojo. They won the Jury prize of the "Kiss Your Teacher 2016" jam with The potion Master, a puzzle game teaching mathematical logic. Looking for an opportunity to make stupid things in VR, they created in 48 hours their own VR controller for smartphone headset during the "Mons VR Hackathon 2016", winning the Media Prize. What an exciting start.

Tear the seven seas apart.

Get a pirate ship, add laser guns and homing missiles, put those on a tiny planet where cannonballs defy the laws of physics, you get Shipbreakers.



Shipbreakers Teaser YouTube


Awards & Recognition

  • "Kiss Your Teacher 2016 - jury Prize" The Potions Master - Mons, October 2016
  • "Mons VR Hackathon - Media Prize" Skett el Zombie - Mons, November 2016
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